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Marsh Hen Hunting

The Ultimate Lowcountry Gentleman's Hunt

Among the plethora of fall sporting activities in the south, Marsh Hen Hunting is one truly iconic to the lowcountry. Each year, between the months of September and December, we on the Georgia Coast experience sets of higher than normal tide cycles, commonly referred to as "king tides". Often paired with a northeast wind, the large flood tides create a perfect storm for hunting these marsh inhabiting birds. A great runner, swimmer and elusive flyer- the marsh hen is likely to rival some of your most beloved game birds in sport. 

During this trip, the shooter(s) will be poled through the mazes of flooded marsh, using the skiff to flush the birds. 20ga and smaller double barrel guns are preferred. Loaner guns and shells are available.

Georgia Migratory Bird License Required. With limited season dates available, these trips tend to fill up quick, so book yours today! 


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Marsh Hen Hunting: Services
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